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Reduce Injection Mold Cycle Time

As pressure to increase cost-efficiency intensifies, exploring all the ways to reduce injection mold cycle time sets the stage for higher profitability and stronger competitive advantage.


Why mold cycle time matters

Reducing cycle time creates opportunities to meet your most pressing production goals, whether you need to boost efficiency, optimize part quality, or discover an entirely new approach.


Even small improvements in cycle time can have a dramatic impact on total efficiency and, ultimately, the bottom line.


Scrutinizing each stage of production time helps mold engineers manage the tradeoffs between productivity and part quality.


Working together on the common goal of lower cycle time spurs your team to consider familiar problems in new ways.

Enhance mold designs with simulation

Simulation provides a variety of powerful tools to help engineers make better decisions in pursuit of lower cycle time.


Upfront exploration isn’t usually built into the schedule. But why? This eBook explains how taking the time to question your assumptions — about everything from material properties to microcellular foam to conformal cooling — can deliver huge gains in cycle time and profitability.


Simulation makes it easy to optimize material grades, wall thickness, gate locations, and coolant temperature — simultaneously — without examining millions of choices. In this guide, you’ll see how to fine-tune geometric variables and process settings using design iteration, parametric optimization, and Design-of-Experiments techniques.

Direct from the industry

See how FADO uses simulation to optimize part quality and design, cooling efficiency, and mold cycle times.

“Cycle time is money. This is particularly visible in the case of high volume production, where reducing cycle times by a fraction of a second translates into viable profits.”

— Jarosław Jaśkowiak, Marketing Director, FADO

Learn about Autodesk solutions

Autodesk has a robust suite of simulation tools especially designed to help you ramp up quickly and get the most out of your valuable time. Learn more about our products, check out some demos, and push yourself – and your products—to be the best they can be.