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BIM processes allow structural engineers, detailers, and fabricators to improve structural design documentation, minimize errors, and streamline collaboration between teams. Explore how structural design and detailing software tools help you win new business and support project delivery.

Streamline fabrication with BIM workflows

3D model-based structural detailing software that is connected to BIM improves structural design and detailing accuracy to accelerate fabrication.

  • Move to BIM with Autodesk Advance Steel

    For steel detailers, information-rich, 3D model-based detailing processes have many benefits over 2D. See how easy it is to adopt BIM and move to a rich, 3D environment for steel detailing.

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  • Now is the time for BIM

    BIM isn’t just for architects. It’s changing the way that structural engineers, detailers, and fabricators are working together too. Are you ready to take advantage of the benefits of BIM?

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  • Parsons Steel Builders quickly gets up to speed with BIM

    After three days of training on their new steel detailing software, this small steel fabrication firm saw immediate time savings with BIM.

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  • Steel detailing online moves to 3D modeling

    This company used BIM structural engineering to improve design accuracy, gain competitive advantage, and offer new client services.

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  • Bust the Myths around BIM for design and steel detailing

    Think BIM is only for big firms and big projects? Think again! Here’s the truth about BIM for your small structural design or detailing firm.

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  • Tru-Bilt Fabrications uses high-quality BIM data to expedite fabrication

    This Australian firm delivers custom quotes using an Industry Foundation Classes (IFC) data model in a 3D environment.

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  • Steelway Building Systems streamlines building processes

    This leading building systems company now performs work that used to require thousands of drawings with a single BIM model.

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  • Get started with BIM

    Using BIM on your structural project doesn’t have to be daunting. This pilot guide provides a simple framework that helps you get started putting BIM into practice at your structural firm.

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BIM improves collaboration across project delivery

The real power of BIM lies in its ability to connect teams across a project’s lifecycle to accelerate collaboration.

  • Convergence of structural detailing and design

    BIM is transforming how structural and geotechnical design firms like Rutherford & Chekene are delivering projects.

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  • BIM to fabrication: Rutherford + Chekene

    CEO David Bleiman tells how his structural and geotechnical engineering firm uses BIM workflows to streamline structural design to fabrication.

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  • Waagner-Biro designs a complex dome, improves productivity with BIM

    The Austrian firm designed a heavy steel and glass roof for the Louvre Abu Dhabi, using BIM to reduce costs and deliver on a tight timeline.

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  • IKERD Consulting builds with advanced coordination

    BIM helped IKERD to quickly model intricate design details and reduce RFIs, saving the client costly construction schedule delays.

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  • Buro Happold used BIM to design 2014 FIFA World Cup Stadium

    Buro Happold used BIM to quickly develop, analyze and optimize advanced geometric designs for the stadium roof used in the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

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  • IKERD Consulting enhances precision with BIM

    This Texas-based firm explains how BIM helps bring teams together and helps in the communication between teams.

    Watch video (2:32 min.)

  • Odeh Engineers uses BIM to design for difficult environmental conditions

    BIM helped the firm optimize the design of a Massachusetts College of Art and Design residence hall, by anticipating and guarding against potential long- and short-term structural problems.

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