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AutoCAD professional design and drafting software is used in architecture, construction, engineering, and manufacturing.

What is drafting software?

Drafting software replaces the paper, pencil, T-squares, and eraser crumbs of a previous generation with a computer screen and a mouse. With it, designers can create technical documentation for products, buildings, and structures quickly and easily, and focus more on concept and creativity, instead of computation and clutter.

Drafting software in action

Beijing startup uses AutoCAD to design green environments


The perfect platform to make theatrical magic

Project draftsman Oli Cooper uses AutoCAD to produce precise yet organic set designs.


Internet of things startup beautifies city

Chinese designers make Beijing a greener city with help from AutoCAD drafting and design tools.


Creating and integrating designs with precision

Artist and draftsman Benjamin Pratt uses AutoCAD LT to sketch concepts before transferring them to the canvas.

Our drafting software and programs

With AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT, you can create drawings for buildings, structures, and products in less time and with greater precision. Now, you can also work on the go with AutoCAD web and mobile apps.

Start drafting with these tutorials

AutoCAD drafting guides and videos

Get started with AutoCAD

Learn about the fundamentals of drafting in AutoCAD with these guides and videos.

AutoCAD dynamic blocks

Learn about dynamic blocks

Be more productive by using dynamic blocks, and get the most out of your AutoCAD drawing data.

AutoCAD user interface demo

Tour the AutoCAD UI

View a demo of the basic tools in the AutoCAD user interface.

Additional resources for drafting software and programs